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Friday, December 18, 2009

Miri Trip - Day 3

yesterday (in my last post), was really exhausting so, kelly gave us the opportunity to slow our pace today..
ate breakfast at 7 since we were gonna leave at we''re gonna go jungle trekking to the waterfall in the national park...n afterward see the longhouses we took the bus ride to the Lambir National Park..this park is meant to preserve the various species of the rain forest, n when they say preserve it they mean take-1-leaf-out-of-this-place-and-die...

jungle trekking was fun n we get to appreciate different species of plants..there was 1 tree that had a unique local name to was a big tree n there was sign post the stuck in front of it..saying "boah tadak, tarra makann"...hahahaha...seriously, it did say that..