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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dancing Bears

*This post may contain graphical images that may be disturbing. These pictures have not been photoshopped or edited in any way. The stories are based on true stories from the Wildlife : SOS website. Parental guidance is advised. Not for the fainted heart.*
I was watching the Discovery Channel awhile ago, and they aired this program about rescuing animals..I'm not sure the title of the documentary was, but it was a story about these Dancing Bears..I thought it was just going to show a sleuth of bears eating or anything related to their nature..Unfortunately, it wasn' was about these bears that were tortured to dance for was horrific..let's just say i had a big frown on my face after the show..

So, to educate the public with this issue I did a bit of a research..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Water Moments

Water.H2O.Every living organism's most exceptional necessities. People say the greatest moments happen underwater. Picture this. The majestic blue whale swims in a tranquil movement flawlessly through the current, while deep in the blue ocean a clown fish is swimming around chasing a blue fish named Dory..waitt..that sounds like a scene from Disney's Finding Nemo..Well, I assume the underwater scene would be something like that.. I've had my fair shares of water moments. When we were kids, my family would usually go for holidays during school break.We've been to Melaka for A'famosa's Waterworld, Port Dickson Beach, Langkawi, Pangkor Island, Cherating, and even foreign beaches around the world.. But when it comes to taking pictures, boy, what a hassle it is..We need to make sure we were keeping a 10m radius away from the fun splashes and obviously the water, just to keep our cameras safe and aunt in the picture is proof enough..