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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pre-Wedding Jitters..Who?Me?

it's the 16th February and we're just days away from the big wedding..we're pretty busy right now, trying to clear out the closets full of ribbons, nets and flowers..let's just say my nose is still itchy from all the dust..

so far, we're still trying to find stuff like boxes for the hantaran, the 'lapik dulang' and we still need to plan the layout for the pelamin..sounds like a lot of work needs to be done..and yes, it is a lot of work...i haven't touched my facebook yet, n i still hope i have to time to update my blog..if i'm not..sorry..guess im just too busy..:D

so far a few of the 'hantaran' has been completed (minus the decorations)and a few more to be bought from cikli..guess u never know what'll happen next...

to see the pre-wedding n wedding photos..head on to my picture gallery..

please do not steal the ideas without our permission.we have busted our a** just to come up with all these ideas..

so far..i'm stressed out..because everything isn't set up yet..but we're trying really hard to make sure that the wedding is a success..mostly..

well, good luck...for us!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy UnValentines Day!

today is the 14th February 2010..and like every other valentines day, i celebrate Vday at home watching sappy sad chic flicks and eating my way through a box of caramel filled chocolates..

what is the point of 'celebrating your love' with your gfs/bfs on this very particular day?..14th February is the same day as any other day of any other month..what is such a big deal about today?

u mite say "its time to show the 1 you love how you really love them by buying them really really expensive stuff like a bouquet of flowers or a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.."or you might even say that "it's the day to show our appreciation towards our loved ones and thanking them for loving us back"..

ugh!..ok..1st of all..why do you need to celebrate it today?does this mean that every other day u don't show your partner how much you care?every other day you don't buy them gifts for their anniversary or birthday or whenever you feel like buying them a gift?and for the girlfriends, doesn't this feel like as if you guys are a lil' bit materialistic for letting the guys buy you expensive stuff..when all the girls have to do is just give their boyfriends a mix tape?i mean, come on..what a waste of money and time..

the men go out on a quest out at malls and shopping complexes trying to look for the perfect gift for their girlfriends..trying to please them just to see them smile..but when they picked out the wrong gift, the women just pout and decided to 'merajuk' with their bfs..thus, giving a very painful headache for men..and we wonder why men tend to grow bald in the later years..

but this year..i realized that not all the movies that are being aired on TV are sappy movies, but instead they also showed Chinese movies..unfortunately, i missed the chance to watch The Warlords on TV3 last night due to the unstoppable quarrel of our family to switch to other channels..(sigh!)..this is how it feels like having siblings..hahaha

this year is the year of the tiger (ijat n bgMen r really proud)..but, for those who will b delivering 'tiger' babies this year..u guys better watch out!(and i mean my sis-in-law, K.shida)..cause tiger kids are bunch of stubborn and tenacious little Ejat n BgMen..hahahaha..

anyways, wish all of you a happy Chinese New Year..and Happy Valentines Day...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time Is Running Out!!

Woww...i can't believe it..there's less than a week left to prepare for Cikli & Maya's Wedding!OMG!!i haven't looked for my shoes, the 'hantaran' has not been set yet, and there's like a gazillion more stuff to do..S.O.S!!S.O.S!!press F1, quick, press it!!
ok, enough with the nervous breakdown..if you've notice i decided to type the full spelling for my blog..I'm trying it out..there are probably a lot of
people who can learn English by reading other people's blog..but that of course depends on the blogger's language, grammar and, I'm trying to help the new generation by spreading the English language through blogging..hope you guys can learn this least you don't need to go through grueling hours of English classes..
anyway, this post is to inform all of my readers that i will be doing the pre-wedding preparation episodes up till the wedding day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Cat Names - Part 1

so far, i have a few names that i have picked for my new baby cats...hope its cute enuf.. Chewy..hehehe..he/she likes to chew my clothes....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

the very cute Yy

this is my baby Yy..yes, that's how u spell her name...

sorry, had to upload this video at youtube 1st since it won't upload in blogger...either blogger has a problem or my video just takes too long...hehehe

my baby cats

sorry this video is a lil bit crazy
had trouble in filming them...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paris~London - Day 3

Last night was the most sleepless night we had..i keep tossing and turning (mainly bcoz i wasn't accustomed to the time zone yet)..and at 3 o'clock in the morning, we were already hungry for breakfast..imagine a mouse in the house sneaking off some food in the kitchen..that's how my dad n i were that morning..nibbling on bread, n making hot drinks quietly ..until mom woke up n after many attempts to get us back to sleep, she finally joined us..well, as they say, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do.." instead of going back to sleep, we turned on the tv n watched the news..i guess British people really like their news..everything was 'BBC World News' n this n that..we found out about Tiger Woods and his mistresses over the BBC news..quite a shock for us, considering that Tiger Woods is a goody to shoes kinda guy..well apparently not.. after our breakfast, mom got a message from one of her best friend A.Roslina Manap..she was on holiday in London too..not a coincidence really, coz they both planned it, mom wnted to meet her at breakfast at Malaysian Hall (urgh!)..this is becoz her husband cannot live without rice..everywhere he goes he must have back to the hellhole again..we walked the streets to go back there but fortunately it wasn't as cold as i would have thought..we snapped a quick pic infront of the hotel..

Paris~London - Day 2

i woke up to the cold temperature that seeped in through the window..i searched for my blanket, but finally realized that i was too cold to go back to sleep..instead, i woke up and i went for a hot shower..1 that i haven't had in weeks (the hot water at home was broken)..i got dressed and made breakfast..which mostly consists of bread, jam and some leftover biscuits from the we watched the french news (we pretended that we understood the language..) we did our last minute packing..just to add in a few bits here and there..around 9am..we went down with our bags to check out of the decided to stay 1 night at the hotel before we leave Paris on the next she booked a room for that day..

At Galerie Lafayette - Paris

these are some videos of the window display at Galerie Lafayette..i thought it mite inspire ppl to make decorations like this in Malaysia..instead of decorating trees, or hanging ketupat n lighting up the 'pelita'..

Teddy Bears having a Feast!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paris - Day 1

got snapped out of my reverie when i saw daylight coming through the window next to me...where a couple was sitting by it..yep. unfortunately we had the aisle row on the plane but luckily no1 else was filling the other 2 we were kinda free to do our stuff..

with a soft, nice, pain-free landing (really no pain in the ears when the plane was descending..nice job, captain!)..we checked out as usual..went through the immigration n stuff..(french police are kinda cute!haha) and we waited at the arrival hall in Charles De Gaulle Paris Airport..u mite wonder what in the world we were waiting for, rite?..i mean, we're supposed to go to a hotel or go shopping n stuff..n yet we're still stuck in the airport...that's because we arrived at 6.30am!! im sure even the hotel doors aren't even open yet..
at 8.45am..we cldn't take n i went to a phone booth to call the took us about 15 minutes to call the hotel merely because we got confused with the international code for France..after mom talked with the hotel reception, they let us check in early..(YAYY!!!)..we quickly went outside to get a bus..boy, was that a mistake!

Departure Day - Look Out Paris, Here I Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hectic day today...unfortunately, no photos are allowed..

packing our stuff is like trying to pack a haystack inside a teeny weeny plastic bag..
we needed to wear 2 pieces of clothes inside, plus a sweater and a coat..
so, 2 x 1 x 1 x 12 days = baggages will combust (explode)..

so, all in all..we brought 1 really big bag, 1 medium bag, and 1 small 2 carry-on bags(spare) and my backpack..
let's just say it fits nicely in a 3ppl in the back n bg.Men n Ejat in the front..

we were in a rush to head for the airport..made a short pitstop to bg.Wan's house in damansara.. we had dinner and 1/2 a movie...

bg.Wan also wanted to follow at the drop-off..arrived at around 9.30p.m..checked in (automatically) n checked in our bags (manually)..then we just waited until it was 11p.m..n straight away we went to the departure hall...excited, overwhelmed and a lil' bit sad (coz i had to leave Bobot n Yy) i was seated in the aisle seat(yay!)...

i was definitely dreading the 13hours in flight..n i was right!..
my back hurts, i couldn't sleep, n i finished 3-4 movies just by flying..jeez, i need to b in an aeroplane more often..

after the gruelling hours of tossing n turning, visiting the toilets, eating nasi n snacks n LOTS of orange n guava juice .......................................................................................................................

Monday, February 1, 2010

Miri Trip - Day 4

finally, its the day we go back home...yay!!!!!

ate breakfast as usual..we could take our sweet time walking around and shopping...but we had to check-out before 12..
fortunately, 2 rooms were able to check out later in the day, so we dragged our bags to one of my mom's colleague to keep our bags there while we're out shopping..

went to one of the existing shopping mall near our hotel just to see what they had to offer..aunty roslina n yayam was the leader of the group, and my mom n me, dato' sharifah and aunti e followed suit..we stopped by at starbucks firsthand since auntie roslina couldn't start the day without a cup of nescafe..

we decided to walk around by ourselves and meet back at mcdonalds for lunch..of all the shops that were there, mom still went to iSetan..considering there r a lot of them in bought some t-shirt for dad..n for herself..n mine..hehehehe..u gotta b fair rite?