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Monday, February 1, 2010

Miri Trip - Day 4

finally, its the day we go back home...yay!!!!!

ate breakfast as usual..we could take our sweet time walking around and shopping...but we had to check-out before 12..
fortunately, 2 rooms were able to check out later in the day, so we dragged our bags to one of my mom's colleague to keep our bags there while we're out shopping..

went to one of the existing shopping mall near our hotel just to see what they had to offer..aunty roslina n yayam was the leader of the group, and my mom n me, dato' sharifah and aunti e followed suit..we stopped by at starbucks firsthand since auntie roslina couldn't start the day without a cup of nescafe..

we decided to walk around by ourselves and meet back at mcdonalds for lunch..of all the shops that were there, mom still went to iSetan..considering there r a lot of them in bought some t-shirt for dad..n for herself..n mine..hehehehe..u gotta b fair rite?

lunch was normal as its in mcdonalds..but mom slipped out to buy some 'kek lapis' or layered cake..apparently sarawakians make great layered cakes..after lunch we went back to finish the unfinished packing..

after many toilet breaks n lying around on the bed, we made our way to the reception to check out..took our bags down (with much difficulty)..

bought some last minute souvenirs at the hotel souvenir shop..took some pictures at the hotel and patiently waited for the bus and my mom's colleague from the other hotel..

receptionist of the hotel..hahaha..

finally the bus arrived, and we all dragged our bags to put under the bus..

our ride wasn't that long...after remiscing the whole 3 days..i decided that....i should hv lost at least 5kg from all that climbing...huhuhuT_T...totally not fair..

alas, we arrived at the airport..we took our bags out n took 1 last group photo at the airport..
and so the story of my expedition to Gua Niah Sarawak was finally over..and we departed with unforgettable memories..

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