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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy UnValentines Day!

today is the 14th February 2010..and like every other valentines day, i celebrate Vday at home watching sappy sad chic flicks and eating my way through a box of caramel filled chocolates..

what is the point of 'celebrating your love' with your gfs/bfs on this very particular day?..14th February is the same day as any other day of any other month..what is such a big deal about today?

u mite say "its time to show the 1 you love how you really love them by buying them really really expensive stuff like a bouquet of flowers or a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.."or you might even say that "it's the day to show our appreciation towards our loved ones and thanking them for loving us back"..

ugh!..ok..1st of all..why do you need to celebrate it today?does this mean that every other day u don't show your partner how much you care?every other day you don't buy them gifts for their anniversary or birthday or whenever you feel like buying them a gift?and for the girlfriends, doesn't this feel like as if you guys are a lil' bit materialistic for letting the guys buy you expensive stuff..when all the girls have to do is just give their boyfriends a mix tape?i mean, come on..what a waste of money and time..

the men go out on a quest out at malls and shopping complexes trying to look for the perfect gift for their girlfriends..trying to please them just to see them smile..but when they picked out the wrong gift, the women just pout and decided to 'merajuk' with their bfs..thus, giving a very painful headache for men..and we wonder why men tend to grow bald in the later years..

but this year..i realized that not all the movies that are being aired on TV are sappy movies, but instead they also showed Chinese movies..unfortunately, i missed the chance to watch The Warlords on TV3 last night due to the unstoppable quarrel of our family to switch to other channels..(sigh!)..this is how it feels like having siblings..hahaha

this year is the year of the tiger (ijat n bgMen r really proud)..but, for those who will b delivering 'tiger' babies this year..u guys better watch out!(and i mean my sis-in-law, K.shida)..cause tiger kids are bunch of stubborn and tenacious little Ejat n BgMen..hahahaha..

anyways, wish all of you a happy Chinese New Year..and Happy Valentines Day...

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Z.Rosnan said...

a ordinary person have it~..:)