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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paris~London - Day 3

Last night was the most sleepless night we had..i keep tossing and turning (mainly bcoz i wasn't accustomed to the time zone yet)..and at 3 o'clock in the morning, we were already hungry for breakfast..imagine a mouse in the house sneaking off some food in the kitchen..that's how my dad n i were that morning..nibbling on bread, n making hot drinks quietly ..until mom woke up n after many attempts to get us back to sleep, she finally joined us..well, as they say, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do.." instead of going back to sleep, we turned on the tv n watched the news..i guess British people really like their news..everything was 'BBC World News' n this n that..we found out about Tiger Woods and his mistresses over the BBC news..quite a shock for us, considering that Tiger Woods is a goody to shoes kinda guy..well apparently not.. after our breakfast, mom got a message from one of her best friend A.Roslina Manap..she was on holiday in London too..not a coincidence really, coz they both planned it, mom wnted to meet her at breakfast at Malaysian Hall (urgh!)..this is becoz her husband cannot live without rice..everywhere he goes he must have back to the hellhole again..we walked the streets to go back there but fortunately it wasn't as cold as i would have thought..we snapped a quick pic infront of the hotel..

mom n i infront of the apartment-hotel

so, over to the hall away we, that sounds like a nursery bought some food even though i told her my stomach was full from all the bread n jam n a bowl of cornflakes..we met A.Roslina, n immediately she started gossiping with mom about things that are happening at the school...if u hear them talk, it would b as though they haven't seen each other over a year ago...while we (we as in 'mom n dad') finished our meal, A.Roslina gave some few pointers to get around...taking the bus would b easy coz u get to see where u're going..unlike riding the train, all u see is underground n darkness n lamps..what a view!.. mom n A.Roslina decided to go to A.Suaibah's daughter's house in Putney Bridge..we made a rendez-vous to meet at the train, until then, we had all the time in the world.. we parted our ways infront of the Malaysian Embassy where we went to the right and they went to the left..just like the typical movie scene u see..

but the scene has not ended yet..when we just started to stroll about the streets, a car stopped by n i kept walking, unfortunately, dad was approached by a man (in the car)..thinking the man wanted to ask for directions, mom n i stayed afar..
after a while we were worried what dad was talking so long with the guy, so, we decided to investigate..when i got there i saw that the man has sprawled some fur coat that probably costs around thousands of pounds and putting a lit lighter at it..apparently he was trying to sell the coats to dad..but being 'dad', he cnt really say no that me!:D..anyways..i was already scraed coz i hv a gut feeling that all of this is very suspicious..i asked mom to tell dad to say no to the man..after i made my point i tried to walk away but mom pulled me back..i stayed there n heard all his ramblings about how he won the coats from gambling, and that the coats costs a lot more than he's selling(he wants to sell 50 pounds per coat)..but when we said 'no', he said 'ok, u pay 50 pounds n u get 1 coat free'..i was like "who the heck do u think u are"..i seriously did NOT have the guts to say that infront of his face..coz as soon as mom said no, he was like 'u stupid women..i give this coat for the shop it is 1000 pounds u know..u all very stupid'..(gasp!) i cnt believe he called us 'stupid' when he's the idiot..he even has the audacity to try n sell us stuff that is obviously from the black market right in front of the Malaysian Embassy! dare he!..i started pulling mom to go away so that we won't need to hear his insults..n mom pulled dad away..

after that i was definitely scared to death..what if he held a gun to us if we didn't take it..for all we know the stuff could be stolen goods or something..or mayb that if we did take it, then some other guy will snatch it (mayb they have some complot or gangs or whatever)..
anyways, let's just say that we were glad that we walked out alive..who knows what cld happen to us..who's gonna take care of my babies?Bobot n Yy?... anyways, we took the bus to go to Oxford Street..u cld say that's like shopping heaven for all u shopaholics..any boutique, shopping malls, labels, brands, perfume anything..just name it..and Oxford Street has it..we got down from the bus at the end of the streets and made our way up to the front..lets just say it wasn't that cold (considering its London), but by the time we got out from one of the malls, it started to rain.. unfortunately, we were so engrossed by the amazing displays and various shops to go to, we forgot to take pictures..:D..sorry y'all..but i browsed round the internet to look for a picture just to show u guys the idea behind Oxford Street..

one of the famous departmental store there, Selfridges..

this is exactly how busy the streets are when we were there..its like no1 is going to work..

Oxford Street...

or just click here to see the various shops that are available.. by the end of the day, we were dead tired from all the walking n sightseeing..too bad for dad, guys aren't built to withstand extreme shopping, unlike he was a lot more tired than us..after buying a few stuff n surveying, we went back to the hotel to get some rest before we head over to A.Suaibah' s daughter's house..phew...that was hard to say... we ate some bread (just as appetizers) and went out and headed to the train station to meet bought some fruits as a 'buah tangan'.. we went underground and waited patiently for the train..we reached the final station around 7pm (local time) where we would have to take a bus to go over to Putney Bridge..and waited again..........

finally we got on the bus and sat in the upper carriage of the bus..glad that we were out of the freezing cold outside, we sat down..n i started to take some notes about the day's events..
finally we got down when the screen showed 'Putney Bridge'..and saw A.Suaibah n her grandson waiting for us at the other side of the road..we walked over, greeted one another, and immediately started walking to their was a very cold, n windy night..all i had on was a pair of sweater n a gloved hands were tucked away nicely in my sweater pockets.. we walked about a few minutes when i finally saw this sweet lil cottage house with warm lights shining down on the pave walk and the bushes near the front in took off our jackets n scarves and settled in..we looked around the house n commented on a few things..A.Suaibah was busy preparing dinner with her maid..her grandsons n granddaughters were watching tv..we all sat down at the dining table n A.Suaibah brought in the food..she served rice, fish curry, some vegetables, fried chicken and a bunch of other 'lauk'..we sat,drank,ate,talked and laughed a few jokes...after dinner and desserts (chocolates n fruits) we took 1 photo n finally set on our way..

as we were leaving, A.Suaibah's son-in-law came home..he offered to give us a ride in his was quite spacious as it could fit 5 adults and 5 kids(including me!)..he drove us up till the train station as it was late n he's worried if the bus won't take any more passengers..

so, we finally set off n went back to our dear hotel where a cold bed was waiting for us to warm it back again..............................................................................................................


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