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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pre-Wedding Jitters..Who?Me?

it's the 16th February and we're just days away from the big wedding..we're pretty busy right now, trying to clear out the closets full of ribbons, nets and flowers..let's just say my nose is still itchy from all the dust..

so far, we're still trying to find stuff like boxes for the hantaran, the 'lapik dulang' and we still need to plan the layout for the pelamin..sounds like a lot of work needs to be done..and yes, it is a lot of work...i haven't touched my facebook yet, n i still hope i have to time to update my blog..if i'm not..sorry..guess im just too busy..:D

so far a few of the 'hantaran' has been completed (minus the decorations)and a few more to be bought from cikli..guess u never know what'll happen next...

to see the pre-wedding n wedding photos..head on to my picture gallery..

please do not steal the ideas without our permission.we have busted our a** just to come up with all these ideas..

so far..i'm stressed out..because everything isn't set up yet..but we're trying really hard to make sure that the wedding is a success..mostly..

well, good luck...for us!!!!!

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