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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paris - Day 1

got snapped out of my reverie when i saw daylight coming through the window next to me...where a couple was sitting by it..yep. unfortunately we had the aisle row on the plane but luckily no1 else was filling the other 2 we were kinda free to do our stuff..

with a soft, nice, pain-free landing (really no pain in the ears when the plane was descending..nice job, captain!)..we checked out as usual..went through the immigration n stuff..(french police are kinda cute!haha) and we waited at the arrival hall in Charles De Gaulle Paris Airport..u mite wonder what in the world we were waiting for, rite?..i mean, we're supposed to go to a hotel or go shopping n stuff..n yet we're still stuck in the airport...that's because we arrived at 6.30am!! im sure even the hotel doors aren't even open yet..
at 8.45am..we cldn't take n i went to a phone booth to call the took us about 15 minutes to call the hotel merely because we got confused with the international code for France..after mom talked with the hotel reception, they let us check in early..(YAYY!!!)..we quickly went outside to get a bus..boy, was that a mistake!

it was freezing cold, with the freezing wind blowing through..n we were shaking all over..we waited for the Airfrance bus to get to the hotel..

the bus driver was kinda polite. she said Good morning (Bonjour!) to everyone and she was a really good driver..literally..the road was a super single lane and the bus fits with only a cm to spare..anyways, the bus took us to the Montparnasse station which is a lil' bit nearer to our hotel..
arrived at the bus station and walked with our 4 bags to Citadines Montparnasse Apartment-Hotel..

checked in n went to the 6th floor n got into the room with the number 65 on it..its a lil studio wit a twin bed that has a bed drawer, a kitchenette and internet access..if only i had known abt the internet line i would have brought my laptop...not likely, though..rested for awhile n started packing to go to London..we were only gonna bring a few bags to London and send the biggest bag to Unc. Osman..
after that we went out to find some some milk, a jar of jam, bread, orange juice n 3 bottles of Evian..u're probably thinkin 'woow, Evian!'..don't take it the wrong way..we could afford to buy evian becoz the price for it was just 1-2 cents more than the normal mineral water brand they why would u wanna buy the normal brand when u could buy evian?...when u r there u'll know what i mean..
went back to hotel n we were really famished n needed to fuel up...ate some bread ( a whole loaf of it) with jam n drank Milo..yes, there was Mileo..becoz mom brought some..hehehe

we tried calling Unc. Osman for the pick-up but couldn't get through..after several attempts we gave him the room number n phone number for the direct line to our room..we rested for a while and woke up to my mom's phone ringing..marking that Unc.Osman has arrived at our hotel..

we quickly freshened ourselves up n got dressed..Unc. Osman took us for dinner..went to a Turkish restaurant at a corner..and ate a Sandwich Grec (something like a kebab)...but it was humongously huge...i didn't think any1 with a normal size stomach could eat it..and to top it off, there was a special chilli sauce that was blazing hot..i think they call it "d'arissee" but im not totally sure abt it..ok, so 1 huge ginormous kebab, n so very spicy chilli sauce, check..a full stomach at 10pm (paris time), check..

unfortunately, since i was soooooooooooo famished, i forgot to snap a pic of the sandwich..hehehehe..don't blame me, blame my stomach..:D..let's just say the size is around a prosperity, mayb twice the size of a prosperity burger with chunky finger sized french fries..ok, enough of the's literally making me hungry...again!

we talked and chatted for a while..when our stomach has fully deflated back into its normal shape, we started to walk back to the very freezing cold at nite..n i was only wearing the normal sweater..sheesh...we chatted again (mostly dad, coz they r best friends) with Unc.Osman until mom told me to go and fetch the biggest bag that we arranged in the morning..can't believe that it could fit into his lil' itty bitty car..(imagine our big bag in a kancil)..

then Unc. Osman invited us to go sight seeing in the car with wanted to go and sleep..but seeing dad really wanted to follow his bestest friend, mom had to the four of us squeeze into his car with the camera strapped to my wrist we were on our way...

we travel round Champs Elysee, Galerie lafayette, Le Tour Eiffel (or Eiffel Tower), Notre Dame, L'opera and some others..we stopped to take a few pics..

Mom & Dad & the Turkish Restaurant (its halal..ok..)

at the Galerie Lafayette (during christmas)

the window display at the galerie...cuuuute!

i wish i could smash the window and steal all the teddies..hehe

teddies having a feast!

teddybread house..hihihihi..

Unc Osman(left) n dad

Mdme Habibah

at the streets of Champs Elysees

Le Tour Eiffel at night..pretty lights..

the streets of Champs Elysees..again

the Eye of Paris

then Unc.Osman sent us back to the hotel becoz it was 1 am in the morning..we settled ourselves in, got into bed n finally dozed off to sleep..


*tv was 100% in french!!

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