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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Officially 22!!

Happy birthday to me..
Happy birthday to me..
haaapppyy birtthhddaayy too meee..
haaaaaaaaapppyyyy buuurrrfffdddaaayyy toooo meeeeeeeEEEE!!!!

yep. I can officially call myself a 22-year-old person..just the other day i went for a health screening, and they asked me how old am i..and i was a little bit afraid to say 22 incase they saw that i hadn't had my birthday yet..

but being 22 makes no big difference in my life, still stuck with my old self which means no boyfriend and no social life whatsoever, still have my teenage years pimples, still have my teenage years fat, i have the same boring glasses for the past 3 years, i still need my teddies and i still love to eat chocolate every single day..

Monday, April 19, 2010

What's it about???

OK, brainstorming time..

I'm trying to make it as a freelance writer but im not really sure how to start..have been asking around and they tell me i should try to write something that is suitable for a column..and maybe then i could send it out to one of the publication companies to be published...

have a few ideas in mind about the topics but I'm not sure i could be taken seriously with, i really need your help to just throw me some topics or titles that you probably want to hear about..just right from the top of your head..

and if i can magically conjure up a few lines about it (time to use my 'mind map'!) i can try constructing the full essay or whatchamacallit...

so, thanx for helping out..:D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paris~London - Day 4

Thursday, 03.12.2009

Finally, we got the rhythm of our sleeping time..and we got up around 6-7am..we had a light breakfast at our apartment..(as usual - bread, jam n cornflakes..)and straightaway headed off to Shepherd's Bush..according to A.Roslina it has this big shopping mall with loads of stuff in it..something like MidValley or the Pavillion..which also means, we couldn't afford any of the merchandise sold there..but, seeking out for new experiences, we took a bus (at firs)..but since i wasn't wearing my glasses i misread the directions and mistook the wrong side of the bus..ok,ok..i admit it was my fault..but that doesn't mean i didn't learn from it.. :P ..took a quick pic of dad..totally unintentional..i swear..

NOT my fault that dad was sitting directly under the sign "Bus Driver Vacancies"