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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Officially 22!!

Happy birthday to me..
Happy birthday to me..
haaapppyy birtthhddaayy too meee..
haaaaaaaaapppyyyy buuurrrfffdddaaayyy toooo meeeeeeeEEEE!!!!

yep. I can officially call myself a 22-year-old person..just the other day i went for a health screening, and they asked me how old am i..and i was a little bit afraid to say 22 incase they saw that i hadn't had my birthday yet..

but being 22 makes no big difference in my life, still stuck with my old self which means no boyfriend and no social life whatsoever, still have my teenage years pimples, still have my teenage years fat, i have the same boring glasses for the past 3 years, i still need my teddies and i still love to eat chocolate every single day..

people may wish me birthday wishes and saying 'hope you have a great day!'..i would have had a great day if it were'nt for my exam the next day, and if i were home with my cat(s)and celebrating with a Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe..ohh..i just drooled a bit..let me find a tissue first..

but all in all, i think i was happy celebrating my birthday..i had a great friend that treated me with my favorite meal of all time-->McDonald's Fish-O-Filet with Iced Milo no ice and fries..thanxx a LOT!!! and to top it off she bought me a cake..which she didn't stay to eat with us..but then i insisted her to come up to my hostel room at night with a tupperware to give half of the cake to her..and besides that, the best thing of all, i was so glad that i had asked my friend (Mizzah Nash) to help me buy my favourite ABC Special..(i paid for that, okayyy)..

this ABC is no ordinary ABC..those of you who are Shah Alam residence you might have known it all along..but their ABC is so awesome that i have cravings for's made up of crushed ice topped off with syrup, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, a few bits of jellies here and there..and the best part is the vanilla ice cream..and with that is a winding not really sure the real name for that particular biscuit..the point is the ABC is delicious, scrumptuous and everything else that comes with it..of course i had to ask them not to put in the corn, red beans and nuts on top..hehehe:D

so, there was a set of McDonald's large McValue meal, a cake, and my ABC and a plastic of 'cendol' for my wacky roomie..of course i was blushing to death as she wanted to take a pic of me cutting the freaking cake..and of course there is NO such picture and she also wanted to sing the birthday song to me..which is totally embarassing..:P but i did snap a quick pic of the cake and the tupperwared ABC..

as a conclusion..i had a happy birthday..celebrated it with the people closest to me in my hostel room at Kolej Mawar ..those who have given me unconditional and neverending support through my first semester in a very different and new place..i cross my fingers and hope that my friendship lasts long enough..

Thanxx to my friends and family members for the birthday wishes..made me feel excited and look forward to another birthday next year..and special thanks to Mizzah Nash for supporting the cake and McD and to my roomie ElleNyna who celebrated the whole day with me even though i had my hydrology paper the next day...

i know i don't say this much but Love Y'all!!!

MY favourite ABC Special

Chocolate Blackforest Cake

Happy Birthday to me!

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ellenyna said...

oh terharu. nak nangis. -______- i miss you.