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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take Note

Please note that my Paris blog hasn't been updated yet..i will try to finish it this weekend...peace out!


these are a few possible names that i have thought about for my new baby cats..

1. Bebet (courtesy from Sarah-my niece)
2. Tomot
3. Owin (orange with some baby 'pelat')

any thoughts or objections? tell me..:D

The Stork Has Arrived!!!

at last!! mommy cat has given birth to 5 beautiful lil' baby cats...

but since my absence at home, my mom said that they hv opened their eyes and started to walk around the house..eeeeeeeeepppppp!!!!!!!!!

i miss them soo much..when i get home tomorrow, i wanna hug 'em, feed 'em, carry them n bathe them and do all sorts of activities..

this is what yy looks like the last time i came home..guess she misses me sooooooooo muchh!!


Oh My God!

1st of all, i would like to apologize (pls don't start singing one republic's song!) for my absence for the past few u all know, i was legally admitted in new alma mater..the 1st week was a lil' bit blurred as i was unaware and unfamiliar to the culture in the university..
on the 4th of January i accidentally lined up for the new student's registration..when i finally found out that i have registered on Saturday(sheesh)...i found myself riding the bus by myself to go back to my faculty and aimlessly trying to find my way around the 3-towered building to embark on a mission to find the Academic Office of Civil Engineering Faculty!..when i finally discovered it, it took a lil while for me to reach the front desk and ask for assistance to register at the faculty...
after many filled forms and queuing up, i finally completed my registration....YAY!!!...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

on Hiatus...

im away for the while due to my entrance at uitm..
and im not sure when i'll be able to update this blog..
hopefully soon enough..:D

have a nice week..