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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh My God!

1st of all, i would like to apologize (pls don't start singing one republic's song!) for my absence for the past few u all know, i was legally admitted in new alma mater..the 1st week was a lil' bit blurred as i was unaware and unfamiliar to the culture in the university..
on the 4th of January i accidentally lined up for the new student's registration..when i finally found out that i have registered on Saturday(sheesh)...i found myself riding the bus by myself to go back to my faculty and aimlessly trying to find my way around the 3-towered building to embark on a mission to find the Academic Office of Civil Engineering Faculty!..when i finally discovered it, it took a lil while for me to reach the front desk and ask for assistance to register at the faculty...
after many filled forms and queuing up, i finally completed my registration....YAY!!!...

so, i headed back to my hostel to find my quirky roommate, Nyna (nickname : ElleNyna) lying on her bed n lazying around..hehe..oh, rite..i forgot to tell room is located at college Mawar (or poison rose, as they like to call it..urghh) level 5 at room numbr XX...sorry, privacy is intended.. :D..after i registered myself at the college, i straightaway went up to see my room..honestly speaking, its quite spacious (considering i would need the space...a lot!) and the best part is u only have 1 roommate..after claiming my bed, i went straight home to pack up a few the evening, i arrived with 1/2 of my bags n stuff, since we needed to go to the hall for some registration and stuff..i finally met my roommate..thanx god she doesn't speak a diff dialect..otherwise, we would look like a duck trying to speak to a anyways, im pretty lucky to get a very quirky and weird least we wouldn't hv any awkward silence coz she's always yapping about something..hahaha..sorry, Nyna..

but, sometimes happiness doesn't always last that long..the next day, i found out from my next door neighbor that  we were supposed to check out our schedule..but, what a shock i had when i found out that everyone had picked their major and i wasn't listed in any of them!..apparently i was suppose to register at my faculty on Saturday..if i had i would have enrolled myself in the structure class...but, since i was a lil' bit late, i found myself holding back tears and scribbling my name on a piece of paper with the title (ECB4K Environmental Engineering) heart was entirely broken,i felt like a knife has been punctured through my heart and ripped out of my chest...i was crushed!!..the only reason that i wanted to be a part of the Civil Engineering community so bad, was because i was deeply interested in Structure..but, i guess God has a better plan for me..n i hv accepted it with an open now, im continuing my studies with a major in Environmental..huhuhuhu...

afterwards, class went on as usual with a few people to start with...i guess i didn't make a good impression of myself coz uptill now, i still haven't mingled with the other students..this is partly  becoz i got my diploma in a polytechnic..i'll humbly accept their judgment....but nevertheless, im still glad and happy to be a part of the polytechnic society..being a 'polytechnician' i learned to be humble, independent, a lil' bit sociable and i also learned that i was able to get high scores only if i struggle a lil bit more.. :D..i don't really blame my classmates, of course, mayb if i had the chance to get to know them better..they mite not be as bad as i thought..tsk, good luck on that..

i really had trouble coping myself with the new environment, which is ironic coz i major in environmental, so i should be able to apply my studies in my surroundings..(sigh)i guess not..
in my sorrow, i m so thankful to be granted with really great my poly friends who constantly supports me, my roommate, who never fails to cheer up the room and my other likelihood friends..the biggest support and the people who gave me comfort when i was down is probably ain n lenda..i was deeply touched as they contacted me consistently and asking how i was n how am i coping with my new classmates..thank you for ur concern..i  appreciate it so much..

after 4 weeks into my studies...i m finally starting to cope..meeting new friends n some old still trying to break the ice n demolish high barriers that r preventing me from communicating with subjects r learning subjects that i learned when i was in my diploma and a lot of new information that needs to be processed through my currently anticipating my hydrology test, which is next week, but then again..i do have a lot of other test to be studying about...wish me all the luck!

for now, this is all i need to summarize from what i have been experiencing..if it were my way, there is so much more to tell, but im concerned i mite get nabbed if i say anything more..

ttfn - :D

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ellenyna said...

quirky ye... come to me, i strangle you ! hahahahahha