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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paris~London - Day 4

Thursday, 03.12.2009

Finally, we got the rhythm of our sleeping time..and we got up around 6-7am..we had a light breakfast at our apartment..(as usual - bread, jam n cornflakes..)and straightaway headed off to Shepherd's Bush..according to A.Roslina it has this big shopping mall with loads of stuff in it..something like MidValley or the Pavillion..which also means, we couldn't afford any of the merchandise sold there..but, seeking out for new experiences, we took a bus (at firs)..but since i wasn't wearing my glasses i misread the directions and mistook the wrong side of the bus..ok,ok..i admit it was my fault..but that doesn't mean i didn't learn from it.. :P ..took a quick pic of dad..totally unintentional..i swear..

NOT my fault that dad was sitting directly under the sign "Bus Driver Vacancies"

well, instead of taking another bus to go back, we took the subway which was a lot more faster but less interesting (a view of a tunnel..Wow!!!)<---that's me being enthusiastically optimistic..(sigh..) anyway, we arrived at Westfield station or also known as Shepherd's Bush.. the shopping mall was quite big..and they have off with the jackets..hehehe..

I know we have Mark's and Spencer here in Malaysia, but still..

OK, Mom did the right thing to cover her thighs with her bag..coz it would have looked like mine....hahahaha

After window shopping and buying some perfume (for my bros and mom's staff) we headed out of the mall and went to The Tower Of London..we were quite cautious of the weather and it didn't help at all that the wind was blowing through our freakin' bones..

Mommy n Daddy (guess you would know by now..hehe)

ok, for the next picture i'm not really sure what the castle is called but it is called the castle of something something...hehehe...

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...
Lodon brideg is falling down, my fair lady..sing it with me!

here we're at The National Museum

Trafalgar Square is below..

Okay, it was freezing cold so i was gritting my teeth really hard till my cheeks hurt..that's why i look like im smiling..:D

After taking this pic, dad wanted to get closer to the building (Big Ben) we did..but halfway through, mom thought we should go to Buckingham Palace since it was gonna be late and besides we already know what Big Ben looks like..its a building with a giant, we made our way back to the bus stopped and rode it to Victoria station..from there we walked all the way to the Buckingham Palace..

it was a whole new revelation for us about London..London is cold n wonder Paddington Bear always wears a raincoat..frozen to death, we kept moving our feet..each step closer to the Palace..finally, we came to the east gate of the Palace and made our way to the front gates of Helm's Deep..okay, i added the 'Helm's Deep' crap..i am trying to make the story you can see my blog is getting a lot worse by the second..ok, never mind..just forget about it..

In front of Buckingham Palace..

snapped a few pictures there(as you can see its getting dark), and we quickly made our way back to the Victoria bus station..yep, we walked the freezing cold..again..

So, from Victoria Station we yet again took a bus headed towards Oxford Street..something about mom wanting to find a Diary for her dear friend Tan Sri AAS(private and confidential) we hunted in the shops trying to find the right size, color, texture and a whole lot of other criteria..

and to finish off a few more in money, not weight..we went into Marks & Spencer to buy some 'reasonable and affordable' stuff..well, dad loved buying his polo shirts so i went to buy some toiletries for my friends..being my friend is awesome, you get freebies, free service (for English), easy English translations and a whole bunch of stuff..Geez, i wanna be my own friend..haha..anyways, spent about 60-70pounds on the toiletries, and straightaway went to find mom n dad..

after taking a loooooooong time picking up a color and type of shirt, finally we made our way to the cashier..we paid, they bagged it, and we left...

Oxford Street at night with the Christmas Decorations..

again we took the bus (seems like we always take the bus here) and headed off to Queensway Station..which is kinda close to our the time we were walking down the streets, we were hungry like a wolf..thought i could have eaten a whole deer..then, mom went to an Arabic Cafe called Taza and bought the famous kebab and fries we ate at Paris..(this time mixed chicken and beef)..

arrived at the apartment, we changed our clothes, ate the kebab and mom n dad went to bed at 12.54am..local time..

i was a little bit restless at night so i read my book till i finished..then i went to bed..

...............................END OF DAY 4...............................

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