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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can you believe it??


there are 2 more papers left for me to do to finish my first semester in this university..

i can't believe it..after Indeterminate structures tomorrow, I'll be heading home with all my things..time to check out!


but I'm not really sure i could ace all my exams but I'm trying to be a lil' bit optimistic..:D
cross your fingers i get a pass in this semester...

today is Wednesday..yesterday my roomie and I checked our application for college next semester...and guess what? We Got IN!!!yayy!!and boy, was my roomie really need to worry about rent least for the next semester..but my roomie was right, if you wanna stay in a hostel for another sem, you need to have a roomie that you already know and comfortable saves all that 'hi!what's your name?where are you from?what course do you take?" crap..

and another yay!! because tomorrow I'll be heading home..for a week at least..but, unfortunately i haven't started packing yet...i wonder how I'm gonna fit all my stuff inside one little itty bitty's gonna be tough..

finally I can take a deeper breath and try to clear my head a lil' bit and hope for the best in my exams..

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ellenyna said...

yeahhh :)) click nuffnang kau. :P