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Friday, May 14, 2010

NIgthmare On Elm Street..really??

As a post-sickness remedy, i decided to catch some light onto my skin and went out to catch a movie at my usual place-->KLCC..hehe

i planned to watch Kick-Ass since i thought it was 'interesting' despite the name of the movie..unfortunately, the time of the show was at 6.45p.m and for those who knows me, knows very well that i don't like catching very late evening movies..unless i have to..

anyways, lining up to get to the counter, i watched the blue screen displaying numerous movie titles showing the time and etc..
The Losers was still alive, but considering i have already watched it at Ijat's PC i skipped and tried to watch Nightmare On Elm Street..the show was at 3.20p.m..for 1(one) person and number L19 and cinema number 2..

Before the movie I went to take a bite at my favourite place-->McDonald's!!and since I still had my sore throat i skipped my normal Fish-O-Filet and fries..instead i had to take Bubur Ayam Mcd and Iced Milo With No Ice..hehe

i had to sit for awhile to erase my dizziness and my wavy stomach..

before going in, i bought my usual bottled Mineral Water..only..sore throat,remember?

being in the isle seat is the best coz u get to come in late and go out early..and for those with relatively small bladders, another way to get to the loo faster and no disturbance..

i took a look around the cinema, obviously it was filled with couples and a bunch of girls and even foreigners..for the couples this movie is just an excuse to get their girlfriends scream and get scared by the slightest high pitched sound from the sound effects..

anyways, as the movie started a bunch of girls behind me kept kicking my chair and chatting about God knows what..ANNOYING!!!

review for the movie : only for those fainted heart..for me its not as much scary, there's just a bunch of scenes that are shockers..something like Drag Me To Hell..Freddy Krueger was not that scary that he could've waltzed into my dreams and slashed me into pieces..come onnnn Hollywood guys, give me a movie that i would make me scream like a freakin' girl and dream about it 'till the week after..Hollywood have lost their ideas, and creativity..sheesh..

all in all, go watch The Losers..a better and worthier movie to watch than Nightmare On Elm Street..

and if you can. please get a better audience than i did..less girls chatting and pointing out obvious stuff like "Oh My God, she's having the dream.."...thank you Miss Obvious for pointing that out..uurrgghh..

the Original Movie = 1984

The 2010 remake

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