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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haunted Hostel

some of you know that i'm continuing my studies for my intersession for the holidays..(what a way to spend my holidays)..since i don't live in a rent house, i stay in the college hostel..its near to my faculty..

needless to say, everything was far..

until, my friend told me this eerie story that happened to a friend of her friend..

it was around midnight in M******* college in Shah Alam..she was either going up to her room or down to her room..either way she needs to use the elevator..

she pressed the 'up/down' button..

then as the elevator doors open..

what she saw gave her the shock of her life..

she saw a white-dressed girl with long black hair sitting on the floor in the elevator hugging her knees...

need i say more????

and another thing happened to this friend of mine..

time : late night or very early in the morning
venue : in her room
incident : she heard scratching noises coming from....wait for it...Under The Bed..she dared not look there but she knew where it came from..
she immediately played the Surah Yassin through her phone and tried to get some sleep..but to no avail..

I think this hostel might be a little bit haunted..but, nevertheless, we try to ignore it and be brave enough (but not too brave) to face the days after..

hope we leave from here alive..