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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kick what--?

Kick-Ass. The first time you hear the name, you're sure it's gonna be a hell of a movie. Probably with cheesy dudes dressed in cheap costumes. Actually that is exactly what it is..

yesterday, i wanted to go home to pick up a few of my books so after lunch i headed home with only the clothes on my back. Took the bus as usual but the unusual part of it was midway through the journey a few 'bus officers' came on board to check our tickets..

thank God i didn't throw it somewhere in my pocket even though i was half-asleep and half-awake..
anyways..made my way through KLCC eventually..and quickly went up the escalators to go to TGV cinemas..

saw the movie list on the screen and........crap.kick-ass was at 6.45p.m..took me half a minute to decide..

so i lined up and asked for the movie Kick-Ass at 6.45p.m..we exchange money and he gave me the ticket..

so, i had about 3 hours till the movie starts...i walked around the shops, and went into Kinokuniya to read some books...

at 6.30p.m..i waited in front of the hall with my spicy chipster and mineral water in hand..when the number '6' went up the board i immediately rushed in to get through..boy, was i wrong..

when i came in the cinema room, it was totally empty and dark..not that i was afraid but i was concern for my safety considering that i am a woman..i went to the bathroom instead while waiting for the other viewers to come in..

by the time i was 'done' and was back at the cinema, a few people had taken their seats including a foreign guy who blocked the isle..had to apologize for the inconvenience while i try to squeeze my butts through the seats..

the movie was starting and i had to restrain my ears from hearing the group of mere teenagers sitting and chatting infront of me..

the review : Kick-Ass is a great movie. The kind of movie that you would pay to watch it over and over again. This movie was able to be comedic and yet serious at the same time..although some of the scenes I'm not sure whether I should laugh or keep a straight face. This movie was hilariously serious with a bunch of cool and satisfyingly rich action-packed scenes. This movie can do no wrong..

The best character (for me) would be Hit Girl a.k.a Mindy who's a 12-year old girl that can really kick your ass and make you say 'Ow. That effing hurts you freakin' B*tch!'..yep she's that kind of girl..think of assassin Angelina Jolie crossed with bad ass vampiric Kate Beckinsale.You know, not in the mutant kind of way.

Anyways, so far the movie was ok. Big Daddy was a big surprise, played by Nicholas Cage. and well, a lot of 'cartoonic' characters were introduced..

The movie was epic in a comical way, funny ha-ha, and a lot of bad-assness..

In other words..


Kick-Ass...yeah his name is kick-ass..

Hit Girl a.k.a Mindy..awesomest 12-year old girl..

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ellenyna said...

suka MINDY. da tgk. ada dlm laptop. :D