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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Of Snobby Arabs and Taylor Lautner

You may be confused by my post title, but don't fret..I'll definitely explain it to you..

while I was sleeping last night i had a dream..I'm not sure why i did considering i washed my feet, brushed my teeth and didn't drink anything sweet before sleeping..

it was fairly vague but it started off at the airport, where i met two Arabian guys..quite tall wearing normal clothes and no beard..apparently you can understand any language in your dream so in this case i could understand Arabic as well as i can understand English..
anyways, we were walking in the airport when one of the Arabs' shoe sole came he wanted to buy new shoes before going on the plane..

he went into one of the shoestore in the airport and asked to see the shoes sold there..pairs after pairs he tried and none of them seemed to fit his taste..he said to the salesperson (with his arabic accent of course) "your shoes not quality our country we don't wear dis kind of shoes dere.not good quality.i don wear dis type of shoes"..

after the shoes they wanted to eat before, they went to a fast food restaurant and ordered a burger..when the burgers arrived, the other guy said (while throwing the burger at the cashier) " what burger is this?dis is not the burger i asked for!? dere r no burgers like dis in arab u know.make me another burger.."

nyeahh..kinda snobby, and i don't really know why i dreamt about this..and then......

my stomach hurts..need to go to the 3 a.m..brb..

ok, back to sleep again..on the bed..counting backwards...10..9..8..7..6..5..ZZzzzzzzzz...

this time i dreamt that i was in school..something like high school..maybe..and i was out with my friends at night hanging at a park..

when a group of guys joined us..and u guessed it..Taylor Lautner was one of them..I'm not sure why he's in my dreams..don't really like, I'm not even in his team in the battle between the Twilight Teams..I'm in team Jasper for one can change my mind about that..besides Taylor is 2 years younger than i am..

anyways, we were talking, hanging around, eating and drinking(not alcohol) and kidding around..when it was midnight, we all started to go home..

'he' offered me a ride home which i didn't hesitated in replying him with a big fat 'NO'..and before you know it he said......."I L*** U"...and he ki**ed me...

due to the disgust of my dream, i woke with a sudden jolt..and of course the urge to go to the toilet...yet again..hehehehe..blame the kuey teow tom yam i ate for dinner..very spicy..

that is the story of Snobby Arabs and Taylor Lautner (ugh!)..

I'll try to dream about Jensen Ackles tonight..:D

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