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Friday, May 28, 2010

Persian Prince

went to see Prince Of Persia : The Sands Of Time today right after i arrived KL..

my Numerical class finished at around 9.30a.m++..even though it's Wesak Day, the lecturer still insisted that we have at least a 2-hour class today..(groan)..

anyways, after i arrived at KLCC i straight away made my way to TGV KLCC to get my hands on the tickets..
unfortunately for me, the line was quite long and despite the fact that today is a Friday, there are a lot of 'couples' that were lining up..guess the guys missed their Friday Prayer..intentionally..

so the movie was set to be at 12.30p.m, cinema number 2, seat J19..

with my bag (including my laptop n books) i plopped on the seat and waited for the movie to start..

the review : one of the reason I love Disney movies was because they were able to deliver a fairly good, entertaining, action-packed movie such as Pirates Of The Caribbean : Curse Of The Black Pearl..
my favourite is mainly the stunts and fighting scenes...obviously..the only thing that was a little bit off was trying to absorb the fact that Dastan id played by Jake Gyllenhaal..not tthat i have anything against him, but he's the goody-to-shoes guy from The day After Tomorrow and jolly cowboy in Brokeback Mountain..although i never personally have seen the movie but i dared not to..all in all, it was pretty get humour, action, a little bit of romance and bromance and a few slithering slimy snakes..
i can say that its not the worst movie, and seeing muscular Dastan was eye-candy..

my advice would be - go watch the freakin' movie, coz you're gonna get left behind..

Dastan - Prince Of Persia

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ellenyna said...

i know you love him. ko tgk sbb dia hensem kan. hahahha.