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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Water Moments

Water.H2O.Every living organism's most exceptional necessities. People say the greatest moments happen underwater. Picture this. The majestic blue whale swims in a tranquil movement flawlessly through the current, while deep in the blue ocean a clown fish is swimming around chasing a blue fish named Dory..waitt..that sounds like a scene from Disney's Finding Nemo..Well, I assume the underwater scene would be something like that.. I've had my fair shares of water moments. When we were kids, my family would usually go for holidays during school break.We've been to Melaka for A'famosa's Waterworld, Port Dickson Beach, Langkawi, Pangkor Island, Cherating, and even foreign beaches around the world.. But when it comes to taking pictures, boy, what a hassle it is..We need to make sure we were keeping a 10m radius away from the fun splashes and obviously the water, just to keep our cameras safe and aunt in the picture is proof enough..

Imagine how fun it would be if someone took this picture to the next taking it underwater and snapping a shot at what my cousin is doing underwater..
Or even getting wet with my lovable nieces. Just look at how much fun they're having. Honestly, if I had a waterproof camera (that doesn't make me elongate my neck to make sure it doesn't get wet), taking a picture would be a breeze! Hhmm..looking back at this picture, iits tempting me to fill up the inflatable pool and dive in it right now..

How I wish I was a kid again..(sigh)

But if I had the Sony Cyber-shot TX5, my whole vision of the world would be seeing through the eyes of an eagle..

Look how futuristic this is. How cool would it be if the body was really transparent. It would look like something came out of the Transformers production. Autobots, Transform!!
Ok, so this camera has super features that would make your mouth hanging wide open.(quick, swat those flies!)
Water-proof (up to 3 meters)
This would ensure your (or my) memorable underwater adventures would be captured without any expensive accessories like the plastic underwater cover..This little baby could go down up to 3 metres deep for 60 minutes..finally, you can see Dory playing hide and seek with the turtles..
Bet she's checking them out right now!
This is really useful when you need to snap an erupting volcano in Hawaii upclose..or even when you need to capture a penguin swimming in the freezing Southern Ocean that is probably -10°C..awesome.
No more asking your housemaid to clean the dust off the camera, just pick it up from the shelf and start snapping can be sure you won’t get any blurry spots on your face..
As a clumsy, butterfingered and accident-prone person, I have dropped almost everything that’s in my hands..including me beloved laptop. With the shock-proof features, I won’t need to worry about dropping it, even at a 1.5 m height..and you can be sure that something like dropping the camera next to a pool and it bounces into the water will happen..heehee:D
Capture perfect twilight shots

No, this does NOT mean your pictures will include Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black or any Twilight characters. the twilight mode enables you to snap pictures with less noise and a BIONZ imaging processor that could overlay 6 visual frames to create one single

Takes 10 photos in 1 second
Getting the best picture in motion is really important nowadays. Especially during unforgettable events or wedding when you need to capture a spur-in-the-moment scene. With this feature you can be sure to capture the perfect angle at the perfect time.
Just look how in 1 second it could take 10 AcTion!!!
Now, you can strike up to 10 poses per shot..hehe

With many more features and specifications, this camera is a must-have..Although the staggering price of RM1,499 might alarm you, but sooner or later you will realise that its worth every cent..

For more information about the camera, you can visit this website

Well, that's all I can say in this entry for the contest..I hope my entry will be taken into consideration..


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