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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time Is Running Out!!

Woww...i can't believe it..there's less than a week left to prepare for Cikli & Maya's Wedding!OMG!!i haven't looked for my shoes, the 'hantaran' has not been set yet, and there's like a gazillion more stuff to do..S.O.S!!S.O.S!!press F1, quick, press it!!
ok, enough with the nervous breakdown..if you've notice i decided to type the full spelling for my blog..I'm trying it out..there are probably a lot of
people who can learn English by reading other people's blog..but that of course depends on the blogger's language, grammar and, I'm trying to help the new generation by spreading the English language through blogging..hope you guys can learn this least you don't need to go through grueling hours of English classes..
anyway, this post is to inform all of my readers that i will be doing the pre-wedding preparation episodes up till the wedding day!

here's the wedding card..pick your time..i know what you're thinking..Zalman??Sumayyah??well, that's the original name of Cikli and Maya..don't ask me why my brother's name is Cikli..that is the 'cepucemas' question that you need to ask him yourself..
but please RSVP first..i do need to make arrangements..:D

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