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Friday, December 18, 2009

Miri Trip - Day 3

yesterday (in my last post), was really exhausting so, kelly gave us the opportunity to slow our pace today..
ate breakfast at 7 since we were gonna leave at we''re gonna go jungle trekking to the waterfall in the national park...n afterward see the longhouses we took the bus ride to the Lambir National Park..this park is meant to preserve the various species of the rain forest, n when they say preserve it they mean take-1-leaf-out-of-this-place-and-die...

jungle trekking was fun n we get to appreciate different species of plants..there was 1 tree that had a unique local name to was a big tree n there was sign post the stuck in front of it..saying "boah tadak, tarra makann"...hahahaha...seriously, it did say that..

anyways, what seems to be a long journey as we passed a glowing tree and a upward banana tree and a bridge (that can only support 12 ppl on it!), we finally arrived to the waterfall...well, there weren't many ppl there so we took our sweet time changing n goofing around..i didn't go in the water...obviously..but i did dip my feet in..really refreshing water..

the banana tree that grows me this picture was not rotated to make it look like that..

at the bridge...

thx god the capacity is 12 ppl..

read the signboard on ur own..

the not-so-much waterfall..

like i said..i just dipped my feet..:D

after about 1/2 an hour we left to go n visit the longhouses next..went back the same way (jungle trekking)..ate lunch at the park where they had cats!..n the kittens were so cute...c'est tres mignon..(translation : they're very cute)..the meal was rice n chicken n some other veges that i don't eat..hehehe..

n then it was off to the longhouses...

at first when she told us that we were going to see the longhouse, what popped in my head was a picture of a longhouse in the middle of the jungle while the natives were outside sitting n 'menganyam' stuff or hunting animals..
plus during the bus ride, kelly told us abt the their folklore and the 'nenek kebayan' and all that stuff..i was really excited..but...let's just say technology got a hold of them..

it was a longhouse alrite..but in concrete..i was like "man, what happen to the natural resources that used to b the main materials for these natives?"..guess they were just trying to 'save the planet'..anyways..
i ws totally ripped of...i thought i was going to see some serious cultural natives with their costumes n stuff..but, some of them even wore levi', I don't even wear Levi's..

the new n improved longhouse complete with electricity and a 'lounge' for guests..

fyi, they r not muslims..but some of them r christians n some of them still believe in the belief of their ancestors..hence the hangings at the door..but for those who r christians, they don't believe in any of their taboos anymore..

talking with the chief's wife..hearing their stories..

this is the ketua kampung..yes, that is an organizational chart..

they actually hv an LCD tv at home..they r more advanced than sad is that...

anyways after some of us drinking their tuak(the chinese of course), we finally ended our tour of we were at the hotel in the, that gave us time for shopping! n i headed to the handicraft shop n bought some more kain batik, then we bought some t-shirt for the lil' kiddies and a bunch of other stuff..

we went back to our room to eat and rest..for the past 3 days, we've..well, actually I, ate maggi mee curry flavour..with milo seems funny coz we're still in malaysia n yet we're eating stuff that may seem like we're overseas...hahaha

after dinner, we packed our bags ready to leave for tomorrow..

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