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Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh. Wow.

It's been a year since I have the intention to update my blog. Some  of my friends have been complaining as to why I haven't updated any news.

First of all, I didn't know that someone would actually READ my blog. And secondly, due to the lack of time and space, I failed to update my blogs with the latest news. Not that there's no new news, but the news aren't so fetching to be told publicly. Anyways, apologies to those who were looking to read this blog, and a BIG thank you hug for following me! :D

I'm approaching the last two final semesters of my course and I am anticipating the chance to leave this 'place'. Only then I will be able to be 'free'. Things are hectic for me (hence, the no update) and it's a hassle trying to keep my head together, but with the help of my friends and teddies, I'm able to pull through.

It's been 11 months since my eldest bro's baby was born. And little baby Miea Xandreena Cavalera isn't as little anymore. She's now a healthy growing baby who's growing 1mm/day with round wide eyes. My eldest niece, Nadia Adriena is now 6 years old, which means she's gonna start her first grade in school this coming January. I hope she doesn't get left out and has many friends unlike her aunt. Sarah Afrina has also celebrated her 4th birthday last September which I voluntarily baked her birthday cuppies. Safe to say, all the kids were very happy with the vibrant colors of the cuppies. Emirul Rayyan is rapidly growing into a naughty baby, but still stay cautious with me ;). Fatin Alia Imani is now my mom's official reporter. Every thing that every one does will be reported by her to the members of the family.

My 4th brother, Aizat recently landed a position in one of the prominent engineering companies Weatherford. He's very excited about his new work, training and I think he will be shipped off to one of the oil plantations soon.

to ponder upon the year that has gone by, let me add some pictures!

Miea Xandreena Cavalera -  Day 1

Sleeping at Iftitah Nur's wedding

Sleeping with Mommy Maya - Turtle Pose!

Favorite Scene in a movie - !!!!

Arsenal Vs Malaysia at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

macho man - Emirul Rayyan

BCF - Best Cousins Forever

Playing with Miea, Supervised by Mommy Ayu

Miea's Cukur Jambul. Nadia n Alia as her designated Bodyguard. LOL

Peekaboo!- I see you mommy!

Sarah's 4th Birthday Celebration at School.

My infamous Rainbow cupcakes..Yum!

Practical students of DP Associates.

Selamat Hari Raya!

Barbie princesses????


ellenyna said...

woowww. lama gila kau x update kannn. haha. omel la baby2 tu... lalalala :)

SuperKambengg said...

mmg la comeyy..tgk la sape makcik die..huahuahua

Anonymous said...

Who knew that googling her name would lead me here...heeeeey!