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Friday, May 29, 2009

Adam 'Lamb'ert

Anyone watched American Idol Season 8?Ok, so the whole show is over n i must say that KRIS ALLEN DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN!! It is so obvious that Adam was the winning idol from the 1st tme he sang Bohemian Rhapsody..or was it Rock With You?either way he's totally awesome.

Born and raised from Los Angeles, CA this 27 year old singer is based from a threatrical background (play : Wicked).Equipped with high energetic vocals, dramatic fashion n performance he delivered his best for each week...and the best thing abt him is that he improves himself every single time he preforms..thre is not 1 time that i cld say i was bored with him...

despite his rumors (adam lambert=gay?) he still held strong..
so what if he's gay?at least he's cuter than all the straight men out there altogether..adam lambert has guts to go out in the open even with the rumours buzzing, if he's comfortable for being what he is, why shouldn't we?u must remember, AI is a Singing competition..not a competition abt ur sexual preferences..

But, unfortunately, America has spoken...
and Kris Allen won...
Believe me, when i say this..i would never have guessed that little softy kris would win the competition..the only reason he was in the finals in the 1st place was bcoz simon said (if u heard it ) that kris allen was a contender against adam in the finals just becoz of his own rendition of the song 'heartless' by kanye west..
ONLY for that song, not bcoz of his past performances or anything..
so..technically Kris shouldn't b in the finals, rite?...but unfortunately, pop is back in america...crap!

so, it's been a month or two..n i still haven't embrace the fact that Kris effing Allen actually won the freakin' competition..urgghh


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