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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Graduating To Me!!

i finally passed my final semester in PSSAAS...
with a dean's list...hehehhehee...

but the bad news is that :
1. the konvo is probably next year(a possibility i cnt come if im bz wif my deg)
2. the konvo uniform is..(hold ur breath)..White Baju Kurung
3. the shoes has to be heels..urghh..
4. i hope they don't come up wif more stuff to torture me...haha

fortunately, i cn make a few requests from mommy :
1. i want a bouquet of large sized flowery stuff for me..
2. a trip to europe(in the process)
3. an iPhone 3G S (wif mms)
4. an oversized teddy of my fav character---->ELMO!!
5. an electronic 'drawing pad'..

i know, ridiculous...
but hey, if those r my requests, who has the audacity to deny it..

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