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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Most Anticipated Wedding of Our Family

noo...I'm not the one getting married..
dnt worry, i still think boys have cooties n s*x is pretty much disgusting..
the possibility of me getting married is when it's d apocalypse......or if mommy handcuffs me to the pelamin..hahah

ok, so..newsflash is Bg. Men a.k.a Cikli 'Cavalera' Hashim is getting married at the end of this year..
the funny part is that he's marrying K.maya..
not that it's wrong, i mean, K.maya is great and he doesn't really deserve a girl as nice as K.maya, but this is the girl who confessed n admitted to me that Cikli is totally the last person she would consider to be involved with..hahaha...i had a big laugh when she announced their 'thing' to me..
no offence K.maya..but u guys r funny....

so, for the full 'l*vestory' of them u hv to ask them urselfs..

but i do remember the 1st time K.maya met our family unc.Rock asked her this : "u ni kwn Men @pn 'kwn' die?"
reply : "kwn je..hehehe"
yeah riiiiteee.....hahaha

thinking back to the days where i saw how they interact wif each other (im an observer), they do have a certain chemistry..
not the typical lovey dovey crap, but more like a love hate relationship..they hate each other but i cn see that they care for each other too..n the weird part is they never realized it up till just a few years back..
mayb it's coz they work together..i dunno..u really hv to ask them the details..

so, when i heard about their relationship, i had to laugh a lil' bit....sorry again k.maya..but u hv to know it's hilarious..hahahahaha

ok, mom has a few ideas up her sleeves :
1. the possible theme colour is 'Marroon Red' or 'Blood Red'(creepy) or Dark Red..(Gu has no probs wif this..hehehe)

2. possible bunga telur for the visitors will b muffins..(mayb decorated)

but the worst news for me is i probably hv to wear something girly like the outfit i wore for Bg Iwan's wedding..
oh, and also high heeled shoes..uurrgghh...

neways..this is just the beginning..will update more when i hv a more sturdy info abt it..
g2g..hv to be the 'eavesdropper' of the family...hehehehe

peace out..

*p/s to k.maya : make sure Bg Men fixes his 'pelamin' face..u don't wanna see pics similar to this
one after 20 years..hehehe

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Miss Haniyy said...

funny gilaa kot ?
best wishes to them laa :D