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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apologies to All

Dear friends,
sorry i've been on a hiatus lately...
been busy with a lot of stuff..

1st i was busy lazy-ing around the house doing nothing besides lifting my hand to put junk food in my mouth..

anyways...after the 'lazy' phase i worked with my dad at the canteen..helping around the place n making sure the financial incomes r at a consistent pace..(if u know what i mean)

so..working there is pretty hard but really tempting..with all those junkies..just makes u hungry most of the time..usually i dnt really like the canteen food at tmn permai mainly coz the cook doesn't know how to cook..really2 awful..

i suffered for 2 months...

but then my mom 'offered'(actually forced) me to work in her a...

waitttt....hold ur breath.....

kindergarten teacher!

ok, now is the time to stop laughing..sooooo not funny

well, technically i dnt teach but i just help around during lessons..
but being a private school, surely u need the proficiency to speak english..
my routine includes individual reading, sharpening the pencils, re-arranging books n shouting at the kids...hahaha..(honestly, i was sick n lost my voice the 1st week)

the lessons r pretty normal..everything they teach r just basics in early childhood..everybody learns the same thing during kindergarten..(whether u remember it or not) but when u look at things in a different teaches you that there r a lot of different ways to see when u say 'draw a farm animal' to them...they'll give you a picture of a dog..
when u say it's wrong n ask them why they drew it...they simply answered "the dog is a shepherd dog so it lives in the farm"...aiisshh....^pening kpale^

but these kids hv taught me to never underestimate the power of a child's mind..some of these kids r really bright n independant..but some r just plainly a pain in the a**..the kind that will test ur patience n break u in the end..n u wonder why im against marriage...i'll keep some pics of them posted if i get the chance..

now, the school is in the midst of practicing, doing rehearsals, n preparing themselves for the 'Hari Anugerah Bestari' this 7th november...i hope im not involved tho..

and now the kids r constantly stomping their feet n twirling around at school...
but i think the best performance would b the Indian Dance..they're really cute despite the fact that they r vicious lil devils..i'll also try to take a vid of it n post it here..cross ur fingers u get to see it..

well, i guess that's it for today..just thought i'd keep an update..


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