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Monday, November 9, 2009

Miri Trip - Day 1

On the 16th Oct - 19th Oct my mom and i went to Miri, Sarawak..

my mummy n me went to Miri, Sarawak for 4 days n 3 nights and it was soo hot and..4get it..

mem n i went on a trip to Miri for about 4 days..the temperature was a few degrees higher in KL..but it was exhilirating and fun although it was extremely exhausting..

we arrived on the 16th around 11am at the miri airport.. we straight away went sight seeing..first, we visited a temple..

im not sure abt the whole history of this temple..u need to google it..hey, ppl forget stuff after a few not the only 1 who's forgetful.. :P

anyways, after a few pictures n a history lesson, we went to the 'Miri City Fan''s more like a park provided with lots of facilities like a chinese garden, public swimming pool, the garden of vision, musical fountain n a bunch of other stuff..

here's a pic of me n mom at the garden of vision..this is the place where they held their celebrations n ceremonies..for instance,during the chinese new year..everyone gathers here to celebrate with lots of 'activities'..u mite think ' all of them fit here?'..well, actually they cn..since their population is about 330,000 ppl..

p/s : no..we did NOT shout 'im king of the world!'

the city fan map..

geez..i look like a pregnant lady..

and this is what the garden of vision looks like from afar..

after we finished touring the garden, the tour guide, Kelly, took us to the 1st oil well in Miri..

the locals call it 'The Grand Old Lady'..
p/s : the name does not apply to those 'grand ladies' that are standing nearby.. :D

here's some information about the oil well..

there is an grammatical error in here...can u see it?

this is me n K.Sue (one of my mom's admin staff)
the petroleum museum is almost like petrosains..only they don't have a talking tyrannosaurus in the entrance..and btw, we were actually sweating like a pig inside there...i wonder if the citizens of Miri know the purpose of an offence..hehe

after we settled in the bus, we headed for the 'pasar' around 10-15mins drive from the petroluem museum..well at first i underestimated the so-called 'pasar'..coz it looked like the pasar tani after every customer has left...its located at a parking lot..but then there is another part like the 'pasar ikan'..where they sell fish, fruits, vegetables, the parking lot they sell of the few fruits r rambutans, durians, langsat, dukong..n some of the ones u never even durians and chinese dates..ur thinking "there r dates in China?" well the name doesn't serve its origins but they r called chinese dates coz of their nutritional values and u know how the chinese are all about health n living..

here's a picture of the red durian..unfortunately i didn't get the oppurtunity to snap a photo of the chinese dates..

see that they're a lil' bit orange?

the difference between the normal durian n the
red durian..the thorns are a lot more finer like a porcupine..

the red durians taste a lil bit different..imagine the taste of a cempedak, nangka n combine all the taste..that's how the red durians taste like..although they lack of, its safe to eat for those who don't like durians because of the smell..

going with a bunch of 'ladies' of course u would see them get shopping-crazy over the fruits n other of the products is their rice..they actually have purple rice..although im not sure of the properties..but all i cn say is that it appeals to the young generation..

after all the shopping, (mom bought some rice, bananas, pineapple, 'pulasan', ikan bilis n dried shrimp..while others bought ikan terubuk masin..eeww) Kelly took us to the handicraft shop to buy a few souvenirs..and then she took us to a maple for lunch..well, the restaurant choice is our own, but my mom just wnted to eat something simple..

we ate at this toast not sure what the full name is..but they serve really really delicious toast..especially their kaya knock-off..n my mom got me some nasi goreng..the portion is quite ok..a lil bit too much for me tho..

after stuffing ourselves with lots of food, we finally checked in the hotel..and rested our bellies till morning came..coz tommorow will b another day filled with unexpected events..but that's another story..


axer713 said...

oiii... durian kaler plik skit pun nak heran ke...???

SuperKambengg said...

at least ak x gnekn p'kataan 'cibai' dlm each post ak..

Anonymous said...

wei makcik.. mana ko hilang.. aku call xdpt2 pn.. so nnt dah ada cter, bg tau ak k.. n jgn lupa 19 dis nie..dewan JAPERUN MASJID TANAH.. ko dtg k..pakat2 la dgn kembar n hasfa..ak tunggu di sana.. tata.. (are-u cute)