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Monday, August 17, 2009

At The Park

i dnt really remember what happened when we arrived but i do remember coming into this lil' cute apartment..
its no condo but a really nice apartment.
it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms n 1 toilet, kitchen n the hall..
the neat part was that the hall is separated by a sliding door..
so if our hall was really messy we would shut it n 'kemas' everything even when the guests r at the door...

me n dad at the looks sunny but judging by my clothes its pretty cold....

arch enemies for n ijat at d playground..but the main focus isn't actually towards us...but the background scene..
there's a humongous tree. n a statue n a view of a building..
my mom cn really squeeze everything in a picture...
so, if u see pictures wif great views in it, u cn b sure my mom took it..or planned it.. was sooooo different then n now..i cnt really imagine my dad in a kain pelekat n a kopiah used to look like this...hahaha...dnt tell him i said that though..

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