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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Raya Projects..

this raya i hv lots n lots of ideas to do..
but i still need to run it by my mom..

one of the few is my cupcakes..
i've decided to try n slap on some icing on top of it..

mayb a lil deco would b an added bonus..

who knows mayb it mite make it to bg men's wedding..hehehe..

so, 1st im trying this bleeding vampire cupcakes..
since im a fan of twilight, i could imagine edward biting in to it..:D

the only thing i hv to change abt this recipe is the cherry flavoured centre filling..

yup whn u bite into it, 'blood' will start oozing out of it..
cool effect for halloween..
im trying to make the filling strawberry, but im not sure abt the consistency of the liquid strawberry jam..

so, for raya---->im making bleeding vampire muffins...!!!!

p/s - muffins does NOT include Edward Cullen holding a tray of it...hehehe

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