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Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Fasting!!

Ramadhan is here..

its the month everybody is waiting for...or not.
this ramadhan, i hope i get enuf pahala, hidayah, kelebihan solat tarawih, n so much more..

but one of the reason is probably losing weight..
i hope that during this month i will never eat more than enuf,
n i will restrain myself from biting my nails....if i can..

but deep, deep in my heart.....
i pray that no more tragedies will happen in the month of Ramadhan..

i have lost my grandmother, my uncles, my grand aunt, grand uncles, relatives...
all in Ramadhan..

its not fair for me to say it like it is tradition that these things happens..
they happen bcoz God commands it..
but its not wrong for me to pray to God to grant my whole family a full and happy life with their own families...


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