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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Departure

so, 1993 was the year my mom was transferred to UNESCO in France.
it was also the year i went on a plane for the first time.

i don't really know 1/2 of the ppl who r here..but i think in the far left corner is Gu n Jack...i've seen these faces b4 but cnt really name them..hehehe
(p/s : need to memorize my WHOLE clan..)

here r my mom's sis-in-laws...frm left : aunty Lina R, aunty Lina Rock, n aunty Tina..the lil' kid in the red dress is my cuzz Zatil..i think.....

from left : ijat, k.Syiqin n Anuar, me, Nia, n K.Bil
dnt ask me why we were either trying to conceal our teeth or showing them...

ok, most of my relatives were there..but i think aunty Ieda wasn't there..probably coz she's far away in Ipoh..

"patiently" waiting for the plane... dad looks like a pakistani guy...hehehe
dnt tell him i said that.. :D

me n mommy on my 1st plane ride..
i think i puked in the beginning..
hence, the orange juice..hahahaha

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